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Commercial and industrial facilities planned for your business.


Credibility, security and tradition. With more than 60 years’ experience on the market, Savoy is known for its good deals for those looking for commercial spaces.


The Company was founded in the early 1950s, taking on residential developments along the coast and in the metropolitan region of São Paulo. In the 1960s/70s, it went on to take on residential blocks and invested capital in commercial and industrial properties, a very common shift at the time.


In the early 1980s, it shifted the focus of its activities to investments in commercial and industrial properties for rent, and went on to offer services that became the company’s defining feature: planning, incorporating, building and administering real estate business.


Within its portfolio, Savoy boasts small and large spaces for offices, business spaces, area for industries, deposits, logistical distribution centers, commercial centers, galleries, shopping mall and high street stores, land plots, i.e. new space formats, each one perfect for each phase of your industry, trade or service.

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